Recovering Your Health and Making Your Defenses Better in Fortnite Battle Royale

Recovering health and making your defenses much better in Fortnite: Battle Royale is always important things that you must learn. This is a crucial element that has a direct effect on the chance of surviving and winning in the game. Therefore, you must find out how to regenerate your health as well as how to better your defenses during the course of the fight.

How to recover your health

It’s not hard to recover your health in Fortnite: Battle Royale game! Once you have soaked damage from the enemy attacks, you must do whatever it takes to recover the health as fast as possible. Here are some ways you can follow:


Bandage is a good item that usually drops in stacks of 5 and it will restore 15 points of health each. You should attempt to get some bandages and use them right after you have taken damage. But, note that you can’t use them to heal your wounds. You need another better method to cure the wounds.


Using the medkit can be much better than using a bandage. The medikit can heal you up to 100 health. Too bad, you only have three of them, so use them wisely.

Shield Potions

Shield Potions are considered one of the most crucial items in the game. With the shield potions, you can totally add 50-point shield to your health bar instantly. The only drawback of it is that it doesn’t have damage-mitigation effect. It’s just an additional buffer for the standard soundness.

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