Looking for a pickaxe or a certain collecting tool skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale game? Look no further since now you can check out Reaper that helps you gather more resources and souls easily.

Reaper Featured

About Reaper

Reaper is such a handy pickaxe, a nice collecting tool with a small size. Although it’s small, you will still find it very useful when you gather resources. It will be used as an alternative to your old item.

How to get the Reaper

Reaper is such a rare pickaxe in the game. Sadly, you are unable to get the Reaper anymore because this was a limited item for the Halloween event. The people who bought it at the Item Shop during the Halloween season, they can still now use it easily. The Reaper probably won’t make its return to the Item Shop in the next update.


800 V-Bucks



The Reaper can be equipped in the Locker.

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