Advanced Tips For Your Survival

All players are highly recommended to learn some advanced survival tips when joining Fortnite: Battle Royale. Aside from the tips for the beginners, the players should also check out some advanced tips, especially if they are the skilled survivors. It’s true to say that conquering the battle in this battle royale game has never been an easy thing. Therefore, lots of survival tips have been given out to help the players beat the challenges as well as conquer the fight.

Advanced Survival Tips for You

Stay watchful when opening the doors

This is not always a good sign! Normally, there will be two plots that will happen when you open the doors:

  • If someone is currently staying in a big building and he is in search of some items or weapons, make sure that you finish him off before he has a chance to attack you.
  • If he has done looting everything and then move into the building, you can’t kill him, which is very wasteful.

In case you make a decision on entering the building, there is always a chance for you to be in danger. If you decide to enter it, make sure to close the door behind your back, then listen to the noises and sounds around you carefully to see if there is somebody sneaking up on you or not. If he stays in there, you should have all the skills ready to finish him before he has a chance to beat you. While you are exploring the corners as well as searching for items, always try to make careful moves and make sure that you take a look at those locations before entering them.

Try to crouch whenever you can

You should crouch whenever you can! When you do this, you don’t have much recoil on weapons, also, you won’t be able to make more sounds. When in the crouching position, you find yourself smaller, giving you more chances to outplay your opponents.

Keep your weapons upgraded with higher rarity versions!

There are a lot of options for choosing the versions of the weapons, just make sure that you pick the highest rarity. If you use a high-level weapon to fight, you will be able to deal more destruction to the enemies and it won’t have much recoil.

Using traps to kill the enemies

You are highly recommended to choose some deadly traps in high traffic places. You can put them at some entrances, back entrances and any places that other players will take items. Sometimes, maybe the traps won’t kill your enemies, but they can deal a lot of damage to them, and surely, those players will be destroyed.

Pick the battle carefully

If you think you are not confident enough to join a gunfight, then don’t take part in it, or else you will end up dying easily. You should be careful when choosing the battle. Also, make sure you won’t shoot from a distance that you are not sure, otherwise you will probably miss or lack the firepower to defeat the enemies. If you have a missed shot, you will probably make the enemies recognize your existence, giving them a chance to kill you easily.

Stick with your teammates

If you join the squad mode, make sure you always stick with your allies during the course of the fight. When there are no teammates around you, try to not let the enemies attack you. If you are taken out, you will be helped by the teammates, but they must stay close to you to save you. It’s better to loot the items in the buildings with your teammates.

Use the headphones to play the game

You are highly recommended to play the game with a good set of headphones. Once putting them on, you will find it easier to note the activities of your enemy. You can totally listen to the noises, the sounds and cope with the rivals effortlessly. Thanks to the headphones, you can totally guess the result before another shot is fired.

Do not wait for a Shield Potion!

Don’t spend your time just waiting for a shield potion. It’s probably hard to get this item, but once you get it, make sure that you absorb it quickly for a nice buff for the remainder of the challenge. But the drawback that it brings to you is that it doesn’t protect you from the damage.

A good defense is always a good offense

Don’t try to focus on killing other players because the main objective of this battle royale game is to become the last man standing, and this doesn’t mean you have to finish off all enemies. You can choose to kill them if you want, or you can choose to play calm.  As long as you survive all the dangers around you, and no one survives except you, you will become the ultimate winner. Always keep in mind that you must recover health as well as make your defenses much better throughout the course of the fight.

Survive until the end of the combat

You must know that all kinds of cover can be destroyed anytime. Therefore, you should always make some backup plans and use them to cope with the sudden dangers. Always stay watchful for your surroundings when you enter a new place and protect yourself from the dangers all the time.

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